A CyberBrand is defined as the interactive relationship between the consumer and a product or service as manifested in the digital realm.

An offline brand—as expressed through traditional passive broadcast media—is developed by the manufacturer and presented to the consumer. It comes fully formed, like Athena springing from the head of Zeus. In that moment of contact, the interaction with the consumer does little to change or alter the brand.

“If no one hears the digital tree fall in the woods, it doesn’t make noise.”

J.G. Sandom, President of Cyber Branding Solutions

Since CyberBrands exist in the interactive world of digital media, they are created in the interchange between the manufacturer and consumer. As such, CyberBrands morph over time as the consumer interacts with them online. They do not come fully formed from the manufacturer or his ad agency. They’re the consumer’s experience, his or her reaction with the digital manifestation of the brand.

Each digital touch-point the consumer experiences—from websites & blogs, to social networking sites—is an opportunity to add or withdraw from the CyberBrand bank.

What are you doing to protect and nurture your CyberBrand?