Unlike pricey Web design shops and digital agencies, we generally use off-the-shelf software so we can build something superior once, and then show you how to maintain it yourself . . . with a minimal investment in both resources and time.

We’re experts in Blogger, Typepad, WordPress and Ning, among other popular blogging platforms. And, of course, we have experience programming in C++, PHP, Joomla, Java/Javascript, as well as CSS, though we generally steer clients away from custom coding.

In order to stimulate traffic, some of our clients’ sites aggregate Web content around a particular subject area.

When our clients’ sites need to be updated frequently (i.e. every two to three days, or more often), they generally turn to Cyber Branding Solutions to manage their CyberBrands for them.

We offer a variety of monthly Retainer Schedules.  Our blended rate (i.e. all staff levels combined) averages out to around $50/hr.

Retainer/Mo Hours of Support # of Updates
$200 4 8 (1/wk)
$500 10 20 (1/weekday)
$1,500 30 60 (2/day)


 Retainer Schedules generally include:

  • Time spent locating appropriate, compelling content from around the Web — from newspaper stories to blog posts, photos and videos;
  • Editing content;
  • When required, placing it on 3rd-party sites, such as YouTube (in order to create “embed” code);
  • Inputing said content into client website(s) in appropriate locations;
  • Posting new client-generated content, such as “Expert” editorial advice;
  • Moderating comment forums and message boards;
  • Updating photos and videos;
  • Reorganizing site content, if required;
  • Tagging;
  • Data analysis (via Google Analytics); generating recommendations for site changes based on traffic patterns; pruning areas that don’t work, while strengthening areas that do;
  • Adding/deleting merchandise from store, if appropriate;
  • Updating pricing;
  • Updating phone numbers and contact information, etc.

Sites that are active, where content is updated frequently, are more likely to be scanned by Google, which means that the more you update your site, the greater your CyberBrand’s reach.

Don’t allow your CyberBrand to stagnate. Water your digital presence with fresh content on a regular basis.