Client budget


You don’t have to break the bank to get a superior digital brand presence. Nor should you be charged for what you can, or want to do yourself. Please select only the services you think you truly need from this à la carte menu.


To create and nurture a CyberBrand, we generally build the following digital infrastructure:

We begin with an Initial Cyber Branding Consultation called the BrandPrint
[$200 – Required for all website, social media and logo development]

  • We’ll help you define the most appropriate brand attributes for your product or service in the digital realm.


Logo Development [$250-$500+]

  • We’ll conduct a BrandPrint exercise and help you develop a brand identity (logo and logotype) from scratch.

Quarterly CyberBrand Audit [$200/quarter or $750/yr]

  • Quarterly review of best-of-breed peer/competitor sites. Make recommendations for updates to client site based on Audit. In some cases, may suggest site re-design.

Website/Blog Design and Development [$1K-$10K+]

  • URL selection and registration

  • Email address selection and reservation

  • Site architecture & UX

  • Website/blog design and development, generally using off-the-shelf software; e.g. Blogger, Typepad, Ning, WordPress, etc. We design and build sites so that you can make simple updates on your own, if you so desire, without being forced to come back to us or some other vendor whenever you want to make a change. In some cases, clients retain us to manage and update their sites for them. [Monthly Site Maintenance Retainer Schedules are available.]

We also create headers/banners, ID icons and personalize the pages for various social networks, including:

  • Facebook “Personal” and/or “Fan” page [$100/page]

  • Twitter page [$100]

  • Google+ page [$100]

  • Pinterest board(s) [$100]

  • Tumblr page [$100]

  • MySpace page [$100]

  • LinkedIn page [$200, includes drafting new resume]

  • Instagram presence [$100]

  • MemoryBox presence [Gratis!]


Cost of developing CyberBrand presence, including Website; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, MySpace and/or LinkedIn pages; plus Twitter feed: $2K-$15K+



Building a Net presence isn’t enough.  Just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean they will come. That’s where e-Marketing comes in.


SEO and Key Word Buys [$1-2K for planning, plus inventory]

  • Optimize your digital presence so it can be readily found by search engines;

  • Purchase key words on the major search engines so that when people are looking, they’ll find you . . . and not your competitors.

eCards & postcards [$200/design & setup fee; $0.50 cents-$1:50/unit, plus shipping]

  • Postcards & eCards can be very cost-effective tools in promoting products and services, from books to professional services.

e-Sweepstakes [$1-$1.5K per Sweepstake:  $200/design (excludes prizes); $150/rules writing & legal; $200-$800/sweepstakes promotion.]

  • Sweepstakes are very effective at driving behaviors:  e.g. write an online review or positive blurb about a product or service, and you could win an iPad.

e-Surveys [$200-$300/one-time setup & design fee]

  • Surveys are often an effective way to engage prospective customers. Ask them what they feel about your type of product or service, and then tell them you’re building an offering around them. Engaging potential customers is the first step to a sale.

eMail Campaigns [$100-$200 for design and mailing list management]

  • Using your mailing list, we’ll help you get the word out about new product/service offerings and promotions.

e-Newsletters [$200-$300/quarter]

  • It often makes sense to leverage site-based content in an outbound push. Few online marketing vehicles are more cost-effective than email. We’ll re-purpose content from your website and facebook page(s), and put it into a simple e-Newsletter format that you can send to your mailing list (i.e. customers) on a monthly or quarterly basis. Links in the e-Newsletter will serve to stimulate traffic back to your website. Give customers a reason to come back to your site.

PR/Promotion [$1K-$2K/mo]

  • We’ll promote your new website or CyberBrand, your products and services online, targeting online magazines, websites and blogs; e.g. “Seeding” blogs with favorable comments.

  • We also leverage such online assets as HARO (Help a Reporter Out), identifying the editorial resources reporters are seeking for active stories, and then pitch you as an “expert”.

  • In some cases, it makes sense to create a self-published title (via our sister company, Cornucopia Press), designed to articulate what makes you, your business or your offerings special. Such titles also give us an excuse to pitch you to reporters as an “expert”.


Cost of e-Marketing Campaign: $2-$4K


Often, a business can benefit from merchandising. We recommend just-in-time-manufacturing for your merchandising needs though services like Zazzle and CafePress. This way, you spend virtually nothing up front, and take a commission on every piece sold. Remember: Each time a customer uses your merchandise, you’re building brand loyalty . . . and increasing your chance of a sale.

  • Mugs

  • T-Shirts and other clothes

  • Calendars

  • Greeting & Note Cards

  • Self-Published Books (via our sister company, Cornucopia Press), designed to articulate what makes you, your business or your offerings special.


Cost of designing and producing online storefront (25 products): $1K-$2K+


“A beautiful website is one thing. It’s relatively easy to build one of them. But, an intelligent site is something quite different.”

J.G. Sandom, President of Cyber Branding Solutions

We at Cyber Branding Solutions leverage a host of data tracking systems—from Jetpack to Google Analytics—in order to ensure that we know what your customers are doing online. Armed with this information, we can not only adjust content offerings, but we can design segmentation strategies to steer users to specific offers tailored to their specific needs and interests.


Site Content Selection

  • If we know that certain types of posts deliver more traffic, you can tailor your content generation accordingly.

Customer Value Segmentation & Targeted Offers

Sites that promote user registration (e.g. e-Commerce sites that require users log in) enable us to identify specific individuals using the site, and we can determine exactly much they generate in sales. Armed with this knowledge, we can perform value segmentation; i.e. bucket groups of users by how valuable they are to you and your business. Then, we can target them with outbound email campaigns or in-site ads with offers we know are likely to turn them on.

  • For example, if you’re managing an e-Commerce jewelry site and you know that certain users are high-value customers (i.e. they’ve purchased at least $X a year), you can and should treat them differently than those who may come back frequently but buy nothing at all.

  • Or, if specific high-value customers come back to your site again and again and look at a specific offerings without making a purchase, we can customize outbound email offerings or in-site ads that encourage them to buy; e.g. “This week only, buy X and get a 5% discount.”

Even sites that don’t offer eCommerce can be exploited using segmentation.

  • You can create a special section on your site that delivers special offers, discounts and other premiums . . . but only if users sign in to that section of the site first.

  • Or, in exchange for users filling out a survey (e.g. about what kind of content they want to see on your site, or about what kind of events they want to see at your physical location, if you have one—key learnings), you can offer them access to this special section of the site. Often, offering something special to a few select users (i.e. access behind the “velvet rope”) encourages demand and site usage.

Cost of Data Analytics Analysis: $1-$4K (with in-site ads and outbound email offers billed separately)