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We at Cyber Branding Solutions architect and execute highly targeted, digital customer relationship management (e-CRM) solutions designed to help you build your CyberBrand and to achieve your sales & marketing objectives.

If you’re looking to bring your idea, product or business service to market, you know you’ll need a digital presence. Perhaps you have one already, a listing in your local online Yellow Pages, a website or Facebook page. But are these digital manifestations of your offering driving the business you’d hoped for?

Let us help you build a successful CyberBrand, leveraging the following techniques:

  • Brand Development & Re-Design

  • URL registration

  • Websites & Blogs, Sitelets and Splash Pages

  • e-Commerce Solutions

  • Social Networking Presence:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Direct Marketing/Direct Response Outbound Email Campaigns

  • e-Newsletters

  • e-Surveys

  • Online Sweepstakes & Promotions

  • Online advertising (banners et al)

  • Keyword Buys & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Combined with more traditional media elements, such as sweepstakes, posters and flyers, print ads and such mundane collateral as bookmarks, fridge magnets and other premiums . . . because, when combined with our online guerrilla tactics, they work.

We’re here to help you move the needle, not just to win awards . . . although we’ve garnered our share.  In the end, though, we believe good creative is at its best when it is most effective.

We take the 40+ years of collective learning we’ve picked up shepherding Fortune 100 brands into cyberspace, and make it available to you.


“Good creative is at its best when it’s most effective. We’ll help you unlock the power of your digital brand, and show you how to turn your online investment from a cost into a profit center.”

J.G. Sandom, President of Cyber Branding Solutions

Unlike pricey Web design shops or digital ad agencies, we generally use off-the-shelf software so we can build something superior once, and then show you how to maintain it yourself . . . with a minimal investment in both resources and time.

Let us help you turn your small business product or service into a true CyberBrand.

We’ve worked with dozens of organizations unlocking the power of their digital brands, on topics ranging from humor and cat poetry to the nation’s premier lesbian bar in New York City!